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Our impact

Health, employment, education: in a word, development!

The steadfast commitment of founders Piero and Lucille Corti, and of Fondazione Corti today, has enabled  Lacor Hospital to become a landmark for millions of people in Northern Uganda.  Today, the Hospital does much more than treat the sick: it has become a driving force for social and economic development in the region.


Numbers talk about…lives saved

The inhabitants of two districts, 500.000 people,

trust Lacor Hospital for care. For some of them, the Hospital is the only place they can go to in all of Northern Uganda. Some patients even arrive from nearby Southern Sudan.

250.000 patients

are treated every year in the Hospital and the 3 peripheral health centres, located within a 40 km radius. The free care the Hospital provides is the only opportunity for many to receive medical assistance: 67% of the local population lives in poverty.

60.000 children

are vaccinated and approximately 6,000 are monitored every year. In a country where the infant mortality rate is still very high (90 children out of 1,000 born will not reach the age of 5 years), 45% of the Hospital’s patients are mothers and children under the age of 6.


Numbers that talk about … development

600 locally hired employees:

the Lacor Hospital is one of the largest private sector employers in Northern Uganda.

500 Interest-free loans

given by the Hospital’s credit cooperative. Many employees use these loans to send their children to school. Thousands of children have received an education thanks to this opportunity and the job stability the Hospital provides.


Numbers that talk about … a better tomorrow

450 students

are trained every year in the schools for nurses, midwives, laboratory assistants and anaesthesia technicians. They become nationally qualified professionals because the Hospital’s schools have Ministry of Health accreditation.

190 university medical students

attend Lacor Hospital, which serves as a Campus of the Faculty of Medicine of Gulu University.

Social Impact

SROI – Social Return on Investment

Together with Centro Studi Lang we estimated the SROI generated by the presence of Lacor Hospital. For every euro donated to Lacor there is a social impact of 2,92 euro of addition welfare in the local community. The Lacor Hospital does not only provide health care and medical education but it also generates a positive externality on the local economy.



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