Care for the children

What you can do

Care for the children

In your help lies the future of Northern Uganda!

By choosing a recurring donation you are at our side to vaccinate, treat and visit the countless children that flocks to Lacor clinics and pediatric ward every day. At the end of the day, our pride for having saved and protected hundreds of children, will be yours!

In Uganda, 90 out of 1.000 children do not survive until their fifth birthday. In the Northern Region more than half of the population live with less than one dollar a day. The poverty impacts harder on the young and the weak. The main causes of hospitalization and, unfortunately, death among children are malaria, pneumonia, septicemia, anemia, diarrhea and malnutrition… Diseases caused by poverty that can be prevented and treated with our help and yours.

With less than 50 cents a day, €15 per month, you can help to take care of the many children who wait to be visited and treated at Lacor Hospital.

Thanks to your recurring donation, countless children could receive, both in clinics and pediatric ward, the medicine that will heal them.

Fill in the online form and start to help children in Northern Uganda, we will send you notice when your recurring donation is active. If you wish to have more information on our recurring donations campaigns, please call us or write an email to

At Lacor Hospital 3 out of 10 patients are children younger than 6. Help them now!

To choose a recurring donation is a free choice and a moral commitment, but it is not a life-time obligation. If, for any reason, you wish to interrupt your recurring donation, you may do so by contacting your bank.

What you will receive back

You will know that your support helps us to many women and children and this is already a huge satisfaction. We will write you once a year to describe the life you help to save and to report you how your donation makes the difference. Moreover you will receive our quarterly newsletter “Notizie dal Lacor” and our monthly e-newsletter.

Discover all the advantages of recurring donations

  • Recurring donations help us to better plan our support to Lacor Hospital, thus helping to save human lives.
  • Recurring donations help us to cut administrative costs, so more fund could be employed to treat and assist people at Lacor Hospital.
  • Recurring donations allow you to save your time. Thanks to direct billing on your banking account or credit card, you avoid to wait in queue at the post office or at the bank.
  • Recurring donations can be scheduled yearly or monthly, according to your wishes and your financial planning.




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