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Lacor Hospital

In Northern Uganda, there is a hospital that represents the only hope for recovery and salvation for millions: Lacor Hospital,  a structure able to take in and treat over 250,000 patients every year.

Many of these patients are children and women, those hit hardest by poverty, malnutrition and the extremely harsh conditions they are forced to live in.

Everyone is treated at Lacor, even those who cannot pay.

In a county where over half of the population lives in extreme poverty, getting care is often difficult, if not impossible. Lacor Hospital’s mission is to guarantee care and medical assistance to the neediest without discrimination based on sex, race, social status, religion or political affiliation. Anyone not able to pay is treated for free, and even those who do pay do not pay more than 25% of the actual cost of the service.

The largest not-for-profit hospital in equatorial Africa.

Founded as a small missionary hospital in 1959,  50 years of work  , and the forward-thinking management of Piero and Lucille Corti have enabled St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor to become a landmark for the 500,000 inhabitants of the district. Many people also arrive at Lacor from all around Northern Uganda in search of care and assistance.

Every day, specialized care in medicine, general surgery, oral surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology is offered to hundreds of patients. The hospital has 482 beds as well as 72 in its 3 peripheral health centres, located within a 40 km radius of the hospital. On average, the hospital treats 600 in-patients and 600 out-patients every day.

Make it possible for the Lacor Hospital to open its doors every day to those who need help!

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