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Become a volunteer

“If everyone helps someone in need the world would be different” Cristina, volunteer.

To become a volunteer means to give your entire self, your time and your energies to help other people, asking nothing in return, knowing that your help have a real impact on real people in Uganda. Our volunteers have different background but they all share one thing: their will to help those in need. If you wish to volunteer for Fondazione Corti, we will be pleased to meet you. Your contribution is precious! Here are some ways you might help:

  • In our Milan office we are looking for people to help us with translating documents (Italian, English and French), to assist us with fundraising events organizations, or to help us for transporting goods and materials.
  • We are looking for storage space in the Larger Milan Area. If you have a deposit or a storage room for us to use it will be very much appreciated!
  • You may join a Community Team.
  • Are you a Physician, a Nurse or a Pharmacist? Find Out how your skills could help the Lacor Hospital!

If you wish to receive more information or to organize a meeting, please get in touch by writing an email at or calling 02 8054728. Thank you for helping us!


(in Italian only for the moment)