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Involve your school

Let your school know our story!

If you wish to let students in your school know the activities of Fondazione Corti, the story of Lacor Hospital or the situation in North-Uganda we will be glad to help to organize an event, choosing together the formula most suited for your students.

This is an amazing opportunity for young people to get to know a society so different form our own and to learn the importance of charity work. You have the opportunity to directly meet the protagonists and hear their stories, a full-immersion experience in the daily lives of men and women in Uganda.
From first-year students to senior ones, we propose a wide set of activities:

Conference with a member of Fondazione Corti

A member of Fondazione Corti or a doctor who visited Lacor will explain the role and the story of Lacor Hospital and will describe his experience in Uganda.

Organize a photo exhibit

There is the possibility to organize a photo exhibit on school campus. These photos will directly show the reality of Lacor Hospital.

Movie or Documentary screening

Projecting a clip is an amazing way to involve students of all ages and let them fully appreciate the story of Lacor Hospital. We have different options available, according to the students class:
Un sogno per la vita, a movie based on the true story of Piero and Lucille Corti, the two funders of Fondazione Corti. Piero Corti is portrayed by Massimo Ghini.
The Needle – La Piqure – La Puntura, short story of a young patient of Lacor Hospital.
I bambini della Guerra, documentary.
Otheworlds, docureality of 10 episodes

Get in touch with us by writing an email at or calling 02 8054728. She will gladly provide the help you need!


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