Adopt a bed

What you can do

Adopt a bed

Adopt a bed at Lacor Hospital where a patient will recover or a mother will feed her newborn baby.


By adopting a bed, you are making a symbolic contribution to covering the costs of one of the Hospital’s beds. Being able to count on your ongoing help enables us to guarantee operations, day after day, patient after patient.

With less than 99 cents per day, €30 per month, you will be at our side, helping and assisting those who need it the most.

Fill the online form and star supporting a bed. We will send you notice when your recurring donation is active. If you wish to have more information on the “Adopt a bed” campaign, please call us or write an email to

Adopt a bed and help a patient in need!

Adopting a bed is a free choice and a moral commitment, but it is not a life-time obligation. If, for any reason, you wish to interrupt your recurring donation, you may do so by contacting your bank.

What you will receive back

You will know that your support helps us to save men, women and children and this already is a huge satisfaction. We will write you twice a year to describe the life you help to save and to report you how your donation makes the difference. Moreover you will receive our quarterly newsletter “Notizie dal Lacor” and our monthly e-newsletter.

Discover all the advantages of recurring donations

  • Recurring donations help us to better plan our support to Lacor Hospital, thus helping to save human lives.
  • Recurring donations help us to cut administrative costs, so more fund could be employed to treat and assist people at Lacor Hospital.
  • Recurring donations allow you to save your time. Thanks to direct billing on your banking account or credit card, you avoid to wait in queue at the post office or at the bank.
  • Recurring donations can be scheduled yearly or monthly, according to your wishes and your financial planning.




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